What is an adjustment?

Common Chiropractic Question #2:


A proper chiropractic adjustment is what’s called an “HVLA manipulation.” This stands for “high velocity, low amplitude” meaning that’s it’s quick and not forceful. It causes a pressure change in the synovial fluid of a joint causing gas bubbles to be released (the popping sound). This results in increased range of motion and decreased nerve interference and pain in that segment allowing the body to move more freely and communicate more effectively.

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Is it okay to pop my own back?
For the next few weeks, I’m going to be covering some common chiropractic questions that I get asked on almost a daily basis. This week’s question:“IS IT OKAY TO ‘POP’ MY OWN BACK?!”I find that more often than not, patients...
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Why is it called ProWellness
ProWellness Chiropractic opened on January 2nd, 2008. I recently asked one of our original owners (Dr. Hatfield), “Why was it named ProWellness Chiropractic?”

His response - “One definition that I really liked of wellness is, “The degree to which an individual experiences health and vitality in all aspects of life.” I wanted the practice to be built around that statement and many of my teachers and mentors were professional team (NFL, MLB, NHL, etc.) chiropractors so I liked the mix of the two.”
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Subconscious Habits
It has been studied that by 35 years old, our brains are fully developed and 95% of our decisions, emotions, actions and behaviors are dictated by our subconscious mind.

What does that mean?! It means that no matter what age we are, this is important because it shows how much we need to be aware of the decisions, emotions, actions and behaviors that we are giving ourselves.
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Thoughts, Traumas and Toxins
I want to thank you for being a part of the ProWellness Chiropractic Family. During this unprecedented time, I wanted to send out a message to my patient base to cover a few things.
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