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Recommended Products

You've asked and I'll deliver. These are some of my favorite and most recommended products for health and well being at home.

I've included links wherever possible. Obviously the link the simplest way to shop (and I do make a small commission on some) but I also encourage you to find the products locally if possible. Support small businesses in your neighborhood and let's build a better local economy.

Mattress from Use discount code DJB for 30% off

Pillows - need link

Foam Roller - Learn more about how to use the foam roller once it is delivered

Trigger Point Ball - Provides deep pressure with some give and grips to any surface without sticking

CBD - I only recommend full spectrum or isolate CBD oils that I have personally tried and neither are available on Amazon. Ancient Nutrition CBD, Healthspot CBD  and Mellow Mood Hemp Company. If you're not sure which CBD products are right for you, let's discuss it at your next appointment.

Resistance Bands - improve strength and flexibility with these easy to use bands.

Shakti Mat - used for pain reduction, relaxation and increased blood flow. The pressure points increase circulation and stimulate nerves for improved energy and faster muscle recovery making it a wonderful tool for anyone sitting at a desk all day.

Inversion Table - supports up to 350 lbs. Relieves back stress and promotes better circulation.

Kettle Bell - cast iron and available in multiple weights. The flat bottom keeps it from rolling around and the wide grip makes it comfortable for any size hands. If you're unsure which weight is right for you, let's discuss it at your next appointment. I'd be happy to show you an exercise or two that you can use to help you.

Perfect Push Up Elite - reduce pressure and strain on your wrists while doing pushups. The stands rotate slightly to engage more muscles and build better definition during your workout.

Soft Tissue Tools - Gua Sha - reduce muscle soreness, improve recovery time and treat soft tissue damage. If you'd like help choosing the best tool for your individual needs, ask me which shape will work best and how to use it at your next appointment.

Low Back Support - Back Brace immediate & lasting relief from a herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, sore muscles and other back conditions. Wear it when you walk, bend or stretch. Enjoy the freedom of movement.

Cervical Neck Tractionhelps relieve pain from pinched nerves, herniated/ bulging disc, radiculopathies, spondylosis, and more

Massage Gun - whisper quiet percussion device with 3 settings and bluetooth connectivity to guide you through recovery programs.

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I will only ever recommend products I use and love. If you have any questions about any of the recommended items please ask me at our next scheduled appointment. I'm happy to help you find the tools that work best for your individual needs.