What is an adjustment?

What is an adjustment?
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Before I cover what an adjustment is, I need to define a few terms for a better understanding.

1. Active Range of Motion = how far YOU can move a joint in your body (example: extending your thumb backwards)

2. Passive Range of Motion = how far SOMEONE ELSE can move the joint even further (example: me moving your thumb back even further)

3. Paraphysiological Space = the area beyond passive range of motion but before the anatomical limit (in layman’s terms = this is where an adjustment takes place)

Any motion going beyond that point is where injury can occur.

A proper chiropractic adjustment is what’s called an “HVLA manipulation.” This stands for “high velocity, low amplitude” meaning that’s it’s quick and not forceful. It causes a pressure change in the synovial fluid of a joint causing gas bubbles to be released (the popping sound). This results in increased range of motion and decreased nerve interference and pain in that segment allowing the body to move more freely and communicate more effectively.

If you would like more info on this topic, check out my video here.

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