Do Chiropractors Only Adjust Backs?

Do Chiropractors Only Adjust Backs?
Common Chiropractic Question #4:

“Do chiropractors only crack backs?!”

There are an unbelievable amount of techniques and philosophies in the chiropractic profession. It’s one of the most varied healthcare professions in terms of practice and beliefs. It’s also a big reason why there are so many stereotypes and misconceptions with my professions.

Chiropractors DON’T just crack (adjust) backs. We can adjust ANY joint in the body. Low back and neck pain are the most common reasons that someone comes in to the office, but we can adjust shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles, and even ears! We are trained extensively in proper joint actions and planes of movement.

Many chiropractors (myself included) utilize other therapies to compliment an adjustment such as soft tissue work (myofascial release muscle scraping), cupping and therapeutic exercises/stretches.

There are also many specialties in our field ranging from pediatrics, nutrition, wellness, sports medicine neurology and many more.

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Dr. Burns

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